Driving Directions


From Los Angeles Airport (LAX) & points south of Los Angeles:

Get on the San Diego 405 Freeway North, and go to the Santa Monica 10 Freeway. Take the 10 Freeway west. Passing through the tunnel at the coast the 10 becomes Pacific Coast Highway 1, locally called PCH. Continue northwest, up the coast, 5.5 miles to Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Highway 27.

Turn right, north, off Pacific Coast Highway 1 on to Topanga Canyon Blvd., Hwy 27, and go north 6.5 miles to Cheney Drive (only on the right). Turn right. (See directions from Cheney Dr. below.)

From Bob Hope (Burbank) Airport & points north of Los Angeles:

Get on the Ventura 101 Freeway North. From the 5 or 405 Freeways, turn west on the 134. It will become the 101 Freeway. Proceed west to Woodland Hills.

Exit the Ventura 101 Freeway on Topanga Canyon Boulevard South (Highway 27) and go South 5.5 miles to Cheney Drive (only on the left). Turn left. (See directions from Cheney Dr. below.)

From Cheney Drive and Topanga Canyon Boulevard:

Go 0.7 mile to where Cheney ends at Callon Drive. Turn left and go East about 0.1 mile to where Callon appears to end. (If you are using a navigation program, at this point it might tell you that you have arrived.) Continue straight ahead on the smaller country road, Private Callon Drive, which is unmarked. Do not go left, downhill. After about 100′ the road will bend to the right (south) and go uphill. Go uphill about 300′ to 20310, the big white house, on the right. You may park alongside the white wall below the house numbers or on the driveway paved with large, flat stones. You will check in at the Casa Rosa (the big peach color house). Walk to the Casa Rosa via the Casa Blanca driveway and the walkway directly alongside the Casa Blanca.