Spicy Fried Potatoes Recipe (Vegan) – Topanga Canyon Inn Recipes
Spicy Fried Potatoes Recipe (Vegan) – Topanga Canyon Inn Recipes, Topanga Canyon Inn

Every now and then we like to share some of our recipes on this blog. Guests are always asking us how we create our signature Topanga Canyon Inn Breakfast, and we are more than glad to spread the gift of good cooking, such as this spicy fried potato dish.

This recipe is one of our favorites to cook for breakfast. It’s easy to make for big crowds (perfect for a bustling Sunday morning), and satisfies almost every guest, vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore alike. Not only is it a much more interesting and delicious potato alternative to your traditional hash-browns, but the tossed vegetables, olive oil, and spices make it a healthy dish.

There are several versions of these potatoes you can make–you could experiment with potato recipes all day. Our favorite, after nearly 10 years of cooking and experimenting, is the vegetable- and Granny Smith apple-tossed potatoes. The onions, bell peppers, and garlic give these potatoes a full-bodied savory flavor, while the green apples masquerade as potato slices for a delightful sweet-and-sour surprise and crunch. For the softest flavor, use gold potatoes–we found that they produce the best flavor in this kind of dish. Of course, these potatoes wouldn’t be the same without some parsley flakes, but adjust your spices and toppings as you desire.

For something more interesting and healthy than your rush-and-go donut and coffee, treat yourself to these potatoes any day of the week. Or cook them for lunch or as a dinner side–potatoes really are one of the most versatile ingredients there are.