August 28, 2017

Historic Places to Visit near Topanga Canyon Inn

By: Karina Anastasia Roche

Historic Places to Visit near Topanga Canyon Inn

For our European guests, Los Angeles is a young city—roughly 230 years old. But for Americans, L.A. is rich with history: discovered by Spanish explorers, founded by missionaries, Spanish settlers, and Mexicans; and, finally, the center of the cinematic world and booming digital industry. Before that, the Chumash and other indigenous tribes inhabited the area for hundreds of years. Some of Los Angeles's most beautiful attractions are its historic ones, and they are conveniently located just a short drive from the Topanga Canyon Inn


1. King Gillette Ranch

King Gillette Ranch, Main House

King Gillette Ranch Panorama

30 min. From Topanga Canyon Inn 

Parking: $7.00 parking in lot and Free Parking by Visitor Center

King Gillette Ranch offers layers of history: of the land, the Chumash, and 1920s California. Take a hike and absorb the sweeping views of the Santa Monica Mountains and rocks of Malibu Creek State Park, then explore the remains of a Chumash settlement. Make sure you take a tour of the museum, a lovely arrangement of Spanish-style buildings designed by architectural master Wallace Neff for King C. Gillette, owner of Gillette razors. The ranch is a combination of the best Los Angeles has to offer: stunning, historic architecture, and scenic mountain hikes, all in one. 


2. The Adamson House




30 min. from Topanga Canyon Inn 

Parking: lot adjacent to the beach and museum; also, street-side parking along Pacific Coast Highway 

Tickets for guided tours: $7, children 6-16 are discounted at $2 - tours active Thurs.-Sat. until 2pm and on non-rainy days

Nestled on the beach of Malibu and adjacent to Malibu Lagoon State Park, the Adamson House is both impeccably situated and delightfully designed. Built in 1929, the house is a testament to the elegant and ornate architecture of pre-Great Depression California. The Adamson family were the last owners of what is now the city of Malibu, and ran Malibu Tile Works, whose lively, decorative Spanish tiles adorn the house and its many patios. Tours of the interior end early in the day (usually by 2pm), but the property is often open throughout the day, and you can explore the flowery gardens and patios at your leisure. The Adamson House is definitely one of the most peaceful—and aesthetic—places in Los Angeles. 


3. The Getty Villa

Getty Villa Courtyard California Historic Site

20 min. From Topanga Canyon Inn 

Parking: $15.00 in lot  

Tickets: FREE by reservation (but no drop-ins) 

Closed Tuesdays 

Note for drivers: When approaching from the direction of the Inn, note that there is no left turn allowed into the Getty Villa driveway; you must turn around at Sunset Boulevard and then make a right into the entrance. 

Inspired by a 1st century Roman villa buried in Pompeii, the Getty Villa seems both out of time and yet perfectly at home, perched on a hill overlooking the ocean. The climate and landscape of Southern California is remarkably like that of Italy, making it a perfect home for the reproduction commissioned in the 1970s by Getty Oil owner J. Paul Getty. The Villa houses Classical art, antiquities, and various exhibits, but the true attraction is its authentic architecture, sculptures, and gardens. For the complete Roman experience, check their schedule for Greek plays in the outdoor auditorium. 

Some galleries will be closed from January 2017 to spring 2018 due to renovations, but the Villa will remain open.


4. Will Rogers State Park

Will Rogers Main House

30 min. From Topanga Canyon Inn 

Parking: $12.00 in lot, $11.00 for seniors  

Tours: Thurs. & Fri.: 11am - 3pm; Sat. & Sun.: 10am - 4pm

Horseback riding: unavailable on Mondays

Will Rogers State Park is the former home of actor, comedian, and "cowboy philosopher" Will Rogers, who in the 1920s began accumulating the land that makes up the park. This 359-acre site can easily become an all-day adventure: you can tour Will's ranch house on the weekends, go on a 2-mile loop hike, take horseback riding lessons, and then settle down for lunch in the picnic area, or even grill some food on the barbecue. Polo matches are held on the weekends, and, occasionally, outdoor movies are also displayed. After exploring the park, head down to Will Rogers State Beach to enjoy the California surf--that is, if you have any energy left!




These four sites capture historic California for the visitor in a way that photographs and books never can. To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Old California, book your reservation at our rural Mediterranean-style bed and breakfast and venture out to these sites from our inn. While the inn is still young, its placement in the mountains, away from the sights and sounds of the city, and its carefully thought-out architecture and interior design, evoke a sense of history and the feeling that it has always been here. Click here to learn more about the Old California-inspired architecture of the Topanga Canyon Inn, or call (310) 570-3791 or go to our accommodations page to make a reservation. Visit for other useful information.


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