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Topanga Canyon Inn bed & breakfast

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What is a bed and breakfast and what can you expect?

A B&B is not a sterile hotel or motel experience; a B&B is a converted residence.  In our case, two separate, large residences.  The only similarity is that you rent a sleeping room and a private bath.  In our B&B you also have the run of the common areas of two very large houses.  You are free to enjoy four living rooms and numerous decks and balconies.  We have areas where you can work at a desk or spread out on tables.  You can make yourself hot and cold drinks or snacks in either of our two kitchens.  You can also keep things cold in our refrigerators.

You can choose to interact with the other guests or keep to yourself, although you may find, as most do, that meeting other guests is one of the most rewarding parts of your stay.  We get people from all parts of the world and all walks of life.  At breakfast you will sit at a long table with the other guests in a family style setting.  We like to joke that it's like Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner without the drama.

So don't take a hotel or motel room:  it's like paying to be in jail;  in fact, solitary confinement.  Free yourself and your experience in our Inn and you'll never stay at a lonely motel or hotel again, unless, of course, you can afford the Presidential Penthouse Suite and bring your own entourage. 

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